Jean Jullien x Yolky Games - Dodgy Dogs Card Game

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Dodgy Dogs is a new card game about badly behaved dogs. The cards feature hilarious illustrations by the world-famous visual artist Jean Jullien - see more of his awesome artwork on his Instagram page. This game is a cool collaboration between Jean Jullien and Yolky Games, a creative company based in London. We were sent a prototype deck, so whatever shown in this blog may not be exactly the same as the final version!


The card game is essentially all about using strategy (and some luck) to get rid of all the badly behaved dogs, or "Dodgy Dogs", before the other players. Here (see below) are a few cards from our deck. Look how stunning the cards look, and how witty the drawings are. We just in awe of how Jean Jullien is able to capture the quirkiness and cuteness of different mischievous dogs. The behaviours that were chosen for our prototype deck are not only hilarious but are also relatable. Any dog owner would be able to say "Ah! That's totally my dog!" to at least one card in the deck.

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Alrighty, so the game is super easy to understand and play, so it is great for people of all ages. We were sent the prototype of the card game, and we were able to play the game with my entire family (not Momo, but he sure looks adorable posing with the cards) haha!

How to Play:

At the beginning of the game, each player gets dealt a hand of Dodgy Dogs. There are 4 different sizes of Dodgy Dogs (small, medium, large, massive) and they will be doing one of the ten naughty behaviours (such as peeing, chewing, barking). The goal of the game is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. The first player places one of the Dodgy Dogs down, and the player to the left must match either the size or the behaviour of that first card, and place their card down. If they do not have a card that matches in either category, they would have to pick up cards from the main pile until they can place one down. There are also special cards like the Dog Whisperer (allows player to choose any behaviour), Wild Card (everybody has to swap all of their cards with the player next to them), and the Puppy Pick-Up Cards.

There are also special cards called Leader of the Pack - this is a super cool offer for people who pledge 1000 quid on this campaign. You get to have your own pup drawn by Jean Julian and he/she will be included in every twin pack.

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The Dodgy Dogs card game has 55 cards (poker-sized) in the deck, and the cards are printed and made in Belgium. The quality of the deck is SUPER duper nice, and we love how colourful the cards are.

The following is included in each deck of cards:

  • 10 cards with small Dodgy Dog
  • 10 cards with medium Dodgy Dog
  • 10 cards with large Dodgy Dog
  • 10 cards with massive Dodgy Dog
  • 15 special Dodgy Dogs cards 
    • 4 Dog Whisperer
    • 3 Wild Cards
    • 4 Leaders of the Pack
    • 4 Puppy Pick-Up

A deck of Dodgy Dogs is perfect for 2-5 players. For more than 5 players, it is recommended that 2 decks are used in total. Here are Bear and Momo with their favourite (and most relatable cards)... Bear = food thief, and Momo = shameless humper. I guess they are both Dodgy Dogs!


Dodgy Dogs is currently looking to get funded on Kickstarter. The money raised will help them manufacture the game at the quality and quantity that they need. The crowdfunding ends on July 26th, 2018 so be sure to check out their Kickstarter page to see what rewards they offer for each pledge category. Thank you for reading!



Disclaimer: We were gifted a prototype deck of Dodgy Dogs for review. We were not paid for this blog post.