Canada Pooch Raincoats at Green Timbers Forest

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Bear and Momo received matching Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker raincoats, and they finally got to model them out for the first time last weekend! Vancouver summers can be quite dry, so we were lucky to get a light drizzle to take a break from the heat. Here are some photographs of the boys out at a local park, Green Timbers Urban Forest, which has over 10 km of beautiful nature trails. We love how the rubber ducky yellow of the coats stands out against the green background.

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Bear wears a size 26 (the biggest size available) and Momo wears a size 18. Even though Bear's coat looks kind of tight, it actually fits quite well, despite the appearance of a ridiculous-looking, floating Bear head! His majestic floof is just too crazy to contain! Momo has quite a long torso, so we ordered a size bigger and it fits on him. Gotta make sure his entire back stays fully dry! 

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The Torrential Tracker raincoat costs between $40-75, depending on the size. It is made of waterproof fabric, and the inside features a super cute nautical striped lining (blue and white). The hood has a visor brim, for the extra face coverage in the rain. There is a reflective trim on the coat, for visibility in the dark. At the back of the coat, there are two pockets (we put in extra poop bags in there for back-up). 

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The boys got so many compliments on the raincoats at the park that day! We think they look so adorable when they wear matching outfits. Dynamic duo!


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We just wanted to say thank you to Canada Pooch for sending the boys these fabulous raincoats. Not only did the coats keep them dry during our mini outing, but they also look super cute! It rains quite a bit in Vancouver aka Raincouver, and Momo seems to have fur that absorbs water like crazy (we really should have named him Sponge), so we're super excited to put these raincoats to good use!

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Disclaimer: We received these raincoats as gifts from Canada Pooch. We were not asked to do a blog post. All opinions above are our own.