Canada Pooch - The Everything Harness

A while ago, we received a surprise package for Bear from Canada Pooch (Momo is super jealous haha!) Inside the box we found their newest harness, called the Everything Harness, which retails on their website for $37. The harness that we got was in the colour black and in size XL. 

The harness, made of 100% polyester (for both shell + lining) comes in:

  • 3 different colours - pink, black, and red (see below)
  • 4 sizes - small, medium, large, and x-large
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The Everything Harness is different from many regular harnesses because it has a D-ring attachment in the front as well as the back. When the leash is attached to the rear D-ring, the pressure can be distributed if your dog starts tugging. The no-pull front D-ring helps to minimize tugging. It also helps slow down your pup’s speed while walking. 

There are slide adjusters in two areas of the harness - at the belly and neck, so the fit can be easily customized for each dog. Since Bear is super big (70 lbs) and SUPER fluffy, we were a bit nervous the harness wouldn’t be able to contain all of his glorious mane. We were pleasantly surprised when we were able to adjust the XL harness to fit him perfectly! 

Bear tends to tug on walks when he spots another dog (or cat… or squirrels… or birds), so we usually attach his leash to the D-ring on the front to prevent pulling. A back clip harness can actually encourage dogs to pull, whereas a front clip harness does not. Front clip harnesses gives the human more control over the pup. We find that when we clip the leash to the front D-ring, we have a much easier time redirecting Bear's motion. 

There is also a seatbelt loop on the rear of the harness which is useful for preventing Bear from jumping to the passenger seat. Another great feature is that the harness is machine washable, so it’s super convenient for when I’m doing the pups’ laundry. 

Final Thoughts: 

We really like this harness! Bear has been wearing it on our daily walks ever since we received it from Canada Pooch. The quality of the harness is top notch, and it has a bit of padding on the inside so we are sure it fits comfortably on Bear. The harness is super easy to put on and off, which is always a plus! Also, Bear can be a powerful tugger, so the fact that the harness is still perfectly intact is proof how durable and well-made it is. Thanks again to Canada Pooch for sending this harness for Bear to test out!

Bear modelling the Everything Harness (with his little bro Momo)

Bear modelling the Everything Harness (with his little bro Momo)


Disclaimer: We received this product for free. We were not asked to do a write-up/review by the company in exchange for the product.