Metro Paws Review - Poop Bags & more!

Our friends over at Metro Paws had recently mailed a sample package for us to test out and review some of their products. Metro Paws is a family-run business located in the United States, and they design + manufacture products (such as dog poop bags, bag dispensers, and toys) for dogs and cats. The founders, Megan and Jonathan, were inspired to create fun and sustainable dog products by their 3 adorable pups - Stone, Mitzy, and Taco.

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This Poopcase ($16.99) was the winner of the Editors’ Choice Awards - Pet Product News in 2015! So what’s so special about this product? It is the only 100% compostable and plant-based dog waste bag dispenser made in the USA. The dispenser (available in 10 colours - ours is in navy) is actually one-piece, unlike the traditional dispensers, so you don’t need to worry about losing a piece of the dispenser. I can’t remember how many times I have lost entire rolls of poop bags because the bottom half of the dispenser fell off mid-walk *sobs*. Anyway, the Poopcase has a slit that runs from top to bottom, and since it is flexible and soft, you can easily insert a poop bag roll inside. This is the product that I am most excited about, since I’m always losing poop bags or accidentally breaking/losing bag dispensers. We also think it’s super cool that this is made with 100% plant based materials!

The toy product that we received was Metro Balls. The balls are durable, safe, non-toxic, made with natural rubber, BOUNCY, and they come in many different colours. There are currently 5 Metro Balls colour combinations available in their shop. We received the Seafood Metro Balls ($12.99), and they come in a pack of 3 (all 3 look different). This is, obviously, Bear and Momo’s favourite item out of the box (they still refuse to pick up their own poop so they have no need for poop bags). Our pups LOVE anything that squeaks, so hopefully Metro Paws will create Metro Balls that squeak in the future! 

Alright, time to take a closer look at these super chic poop bags. Metro Paws has Poopy Packs in standard size for dogs, Poopy Packs XL (for those big dog poops), and even litter bags for our feline friends! 

Poopy Packs XL ($16.99) comes in 4 designs - the one we received is called Orange Argyle. There are 250 XL poop bags in each roll, and each bag is 11” x 13”. We use these bigger bags for collecting pet waste in our backyard over a course of a few days, so less bags are wasted. The box has an opening at the top, so you can use it like you would a Kleenex box (see above).

Of course, there are standard sized Poopy Packs (which would fit in the Poopcase). We received the Poopy Pack Orange Multi 8-pack, and it retails for $16.99. There are a total of 160 degradable poop bags (8 rolls per pack x 20 bags per roll). We have been using these bags (along with the Good Karma poop bags) on our walks for the past week, and the bags held up pretty well. The bags actually feel kind of thin, but they are quite durable (no rips or leaks, WHEW). Please note that these are not scented - we personally enjoy using scented poop bags (to cover up that poop stench!) so hopefully Metro Paws can come out with those in the future. :)

Metro Paws also created the Love and Licks 501(c)3 Foundation, and a percentage of proceeds from Love and Licks products sales goes to no-kill feeder funds across the US to help shelter dogs. The products available in this collection includes poop bags, tote bags, and men’s/women’s t-shirts. The Love and Licks product that was included in our package was the GOOD KARMA Poop Bags ($13.99). There are 160 bags (8 rolls per pack x 20 bags per roll). The bags are also degradable, and the roll fits in standard poop bag holders. We really like the design and colour scheme of the Love and Licks collection. #PawItForward

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All our swag was nicely placed in a Metro Paws tote bag ($9.99), which is made of 100% organic cotton and features funny dog-related hashtags such as #yappin, droolin, and #fartin (all super relatable to both of our pups haha). The tote's dimension is 16" x 16" x 8".


Big thanks to the folks over at Metro Paws for sending us these pet products to review! If anyone is interested in checking out their stuff, feel free to check out their website!


*Disclaimer: We received these products for free for our honest review*