The EverChew Review

Earlier this month, we were sent a cool invention called the EverChew by its founder, Kirby Kendall. He developed the EverChew because Eva, his doodle, choked on the end portion of a chew on a couple of occasions, and decided to invent a device that will prevent that from happening again.

How to insert chew into the EverChew device

How to insert chew into the EverChew device

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This chew holder that we were sent is a prototype and is made of cast rubber, which is not as durable as the final product will be. The final product will be an extremely durable injection molded FDA-grade elastomer made in the USA. The EverChew holds the chew (with pre-drilled holes) with a nylon pin, and no dog can break or work out the nylon pin (since the pin head is secured behind an internal rubber latch).

This device will extend your dog’s chewing time and prevents your pup from choking on the last bit of the chew. Your dog will spend more time trying to shred the last of the chew into safe-sized pieces.

You can either purchased pre-drilled grass-fed bully sticks and natural rawhide chews from EverChew or you can drill your own holes into chews purchased elsewhere. The rawhides that we received are Tasman’s Natural Pet bison rolls (USA sourced), and the bully sticks are USA grass fed beef, supplied by Preen Pets. 


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Since our protytpe is not as durable as the final product, Kirby warned us that if Bear and Momo begin to chew heavily on the ring itself, to redirect their activity to the chew. Fortunately, our dogs are not heavy chewers and they were focused completely on the chew itself, so we did not encounter this problem. Bear actually chews through his sticks really quickly, and we love how this prototype was able to extend the chewing time from 10 minutes to over an hour. We were always scared that the last bit of the chew will not be chewed completely and that the dog will just swallow it whole, so there were many times where we would confiscate the remaining bit (and throw it out secretly). With this EverChew prototype, we have a peace of mind knowing that our pups will not be choking at the end. We absolutely love this easy-to-use device and we hope that Kirby is able to launch his product soon!

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Feel free to check out their website for updates and progress on their product launch!

Thanks Kirby for sending us this cool prototype for Bear and Momo to test out!