Gold Paw Series - Harness Review

                                           "Red is my favourite colour!"

                                           "Red is my favourite colour!"

       Loki loves to chase anything that runs, hops, or flies. While it is entertaining to see a little short-legged creature sprinting after a taunting crow at the off-leash park, this behaviour can be harmful when he is wearing his collar on our walks (e.g. possible neck injuries). 

       We decided to try out the red Cloud Harness in size M/L from Gold Paw Series, a family-run dogwear company based in the US. When we received the package, the Cloud Harness did not look like the one depicted on their website. We suspect that they may have sent us the Crossover Harness by mistake, which is totally fine with us since the Crossover Harness ($40-$45) is a bit more pricey and, in our opinion, more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the Cloud Harness ($30-$39). SCORE! According to the website, the Crossover Harness is for larger dogs with pulling tendencies, while the Cloud Harness is for smaller dogs. Since Loki is basically a sorta big dog with super duper short legs, the Crossover should work for his body type. We decided to take Loki for a "test walk" at the field today.



Yay Or Nay?

       Yay! The fabric seems quite durable, and it is not stiff like many of the harnesses that we have seen in pet accessory stores. We like how the material is actually stretchy, breathable, and washable! According to the company website, the textile they use is called Cloud Dimensional, which is a US-milled dimensionally knitted fabric. The harness fits Loki very comfortably, and most importantly, he is unable to escape (whew)! There is even a built-in handle on the back for when we need to restrain Loki in high traffic conditions. 

       Despite not knowing what collection this harness is actually from (Cloud or Crossover), we think that it does its job pretty well. The harness removes pressure from Loki's throat area and directs it onto his shoulders where it belongs. We no longer have to worry about choking Loki when his herding instinct kicks in on our walks.