March Barkbox


Since Sherloki Holmes is one of our favourite Loki alter-egos, we were really excited to hear that the March Barkbox has a Sherlock Bones theme. The Sherlock Bones collection has snacks designed to fit in puzzle toys, perfect for pet detectives. Our Barkbox this month has a value of at least $36. Let's take a look at what was included in our Sherlock Bones box!


Good Dog Treats ($6 on Barkshop)

  • Size: 5 oz package
  • Shepherd's Pie flavor
  • Made in USA by Sojos
  • Wheat, corn, and soy-free

Victorian Dinner Treats ($7 on Barkshop)

  • Size: 5 oz package
  • Made in USA for Bark & Co by Red Fox
  • Flavored game bites (venison)
  • Grain, wheat, corn, and soy-free

Sherlock Bone's Smoking Gun Smoke Sticks

  • 3 sticks per package
  • 2 ingredients - 50% Pork Loin & 50% Sweet Potato
  • Sourced and made in the USA



      Treat Maze ($14 on Barkshop)

  • Made by Outward Hound
  • Load it with treats, give it to your pup and watch him spin away!
  • Activates and entertains pups
  • Good for indoor/outdoor use
  • Increase difficulty by plugging up holes
  • Loki's Pick of the Month!

      The Rowdy Piper ($9 on Barkshop)

  • Great for photo shoots with our Sherloki outfits
  • Barkshop exclusive, made by R2P Pet Ltd. Use code “LOKI” to get a free gift on your purchase over $10 at Barkshop
  • Multiple squeakers
  • Made with plush & nylon

Head on over to Barkbox and use the promo code "LOKI" to get an extra month for FREE!