Up Dog Toys - The Odin

Loki's corgi pal Odin launched Up Dog Toys, after they were successfully crowdfunded (over $30,000 raised) on KickStarter. They created the Odin - a puzzle toy that was not only fun for dogs, it also complements your home. Multiple Odin toys can be connected to add variation and changes in difficulty.

The steps to prepping the Odin is simple. Step 1: find a small treat that will fall out of any of the four holes (we like use Pocket Trainers and Fruitables Skinny Minis). Step 2: let your dog go absolutely bonkers on the toy! The holes vary slightly in size; so the larger the treat, the harder it will be for the nom to fall out!

It took Loki about a minute of intense sniffing until he started pushing the toy with his nose. As soon as the first treat fell out, he knew he had hit the jackpot! It took a few play sessions with the Odin for Loki to successfully learn how to paw at it when the toy is stuck in a corner. Nowadays, he is a pro! The puzzle toy keeps Loki busy for quite some time when we use slightly larger treats. We love that the Odin provides great mental stimulation for Loki! :)