Meet Loki and his friends.

First came Loki.

Loki was born in a small town in Oklahoma. He moved to our home in Vancouver when he was a only few months old!

Loki was timid as a puppy, but he grew up to be a happy-go-lucky guy with a feisty attitude. Despite his small size, he had the spunk and presence of a much larger dog. His favourite things to do included running on the beach, going for car rides, and barking at cyclists!

Known for his expressive eyes and his adorable smile, Loki soon became one of the most followed Corgis on the internet. But something was missing...


Then came Ham Ham.

Ham Ham arrived at a time when Loki was in need of a faithful companion. Loki was hesitant to let her into his team at first, but their acquaintance soon blossomed into a beautiful friendship!

Loki and Ham Ham became the best of friends. You could say that she was the peanut butter to his jelly. Their favourite things to do together included snuggling on the couch and playing hide and seek.

Unfortunately, Loki passed away in 2016. It was a great loss felt all over the world.

Then came Bear.

After Loki went to the Rainbow Bridge, we felt that the best way to honor his memory was to rescue a dog. That's when Bear came along.

Bear made himself at home with us right away and became Ham Ham's new companion. He adored her, but she eventually had to go because of old age.

Ever since we adopted Bear, we have been fostering dogs. Bear always welcomes our foster dogs with open paws and treats them as if they are long-time friends!